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Suggestions for Non-Food Birthday Treats

Ever think about bringing a non-food item for each child instead of sugary candy and treats?  What a great idea, right? There are some really great alternatives to food for birthday treats.

  1. Donate one of your child's favorite books to the classroom.  You can write their names and birthday on the inside cover, so the book will always be a representation of that special day.
  2. Hand out small tokens like scented pencils, stickers, or erasers to each student.
  3. Talk to your child's teacher about special treatment for the day, like extra recess or a fun game or craft project.
  4. Bring in a balloon for each child to take home.
  5. Allow the child to be the teacher's assistant for the day.
  6. Create a special "Birthday Book" where each student can write something or draw a picture about the birthday boy or girl.
  7. Give the child a special birthday box with a sash to wear and a certificate.

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